Construction and installation work and investment in construction
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We offer our customers a specially designed system of integrated services from design of houses and facilities, construction and installation works to the operation and maintenance of buildings.


The architecture is identified as the area aimed at the construction of buildings and structures to meet the social, domestic, spiritual and aesthetic norms of society. When it comes to the word architecture it is derived from the ancient Greek word “architect” - the main builder. At the same time, the architecture is a part of the material culture of a society. Architectural structures might be objects of art, thus the architecture is also recognized as the art of design and building.


Development of a design project of apartments and buildings is one of the components of our construction services. Our specialists who have extensive experience in the field of architecture and design study the design of apartments, offices, houses and design of facades to the finest details.


Earthworks are the initial stage of any construction. It is very important to conduct them reasonably and timely, because the stability of future construction directly depends thereon.

Construction works

Construction Company “EDESSA” performs a wide range of construction works related to the erection and reconstruction of buildings. The organization carries out the construction of apartment houses, commercial real estate and cottages

Installation works

Construction Company “EDESSA” performs the full range of construction and installation works. All work is performed with the use of modern building materials and construction technologies, which allows to do everything efficiently and accurately in a timely manner

Finishing work

Finishing work - plastering, cladding, painting, wallpaper, parquet, glass and other construction works associated with the outer and inner final finishing of buildings and structures.

Laying of utility systems

More than 10 years of successful experience in the construction and laying of utilities allows the “EDESSA” Company to easily perform even the most complex projects for the installation of various utility systems, preparatory works (clearing and fencing of the territory, pit preparation for the foundation works, etc.).